Words From a Warriors Heart by Dr Stella

People call me every day from all over the world asking what they need to do to win. Most just want me to pray for them and wave a magic wand for their problems to be over. I remember when I was at the same place. I would run from conference to conference. Call pastors; go to my daddy in the Lord, Dr Olukoya – just knowing that if he prayed for me all will be well.
I remember one night after I had cried myself to exhaustion. I was on the floor in the room balled up and rocking back and forth. Lord why do I have to fight so hard, why are my chains not breaking I wailed. I have been your daughter for 5 years. I have changed my life why, why I cried. I have been praying and fasting for years, Lord why. I don‘t want to fight no more I cried. Tears and snort flowing at will.
I was anointed pretty early in my walk with God. When I got saved I pretty much started warfare prayers for months. Fasting and praying. I went to work and prayed. That was all I did. I wanted something from God. I was saved now and wanted my inheritance. I wanted my life whole. I was not trying to be a preacher, God kept showing me the bondage in my life and I fought like crazy to break them. One of my sisters in the Lord still laughs today because I almost chopped her head off when she said she saw me as a preacher, a mighty one. It was 5 years and I was still on the floor with issues.
That night the Holy Spirit spoke to me. Warrior princess, get up and fight. At that moment a jolt of energy hit me. I jumped up I felt a rage swell up in me against the devil. I felt like I could snap any demons head off.
I reared up like an angry bear. I said I come right now from my throne in heavenly places, above principalities and power and might and dominion. I attack from my place besides Jesus. I started fighting. I release fire, brimstone, axe, locust, liquid sulfur, Holy Ghost hand grenades. I was fighting and screaming and kicking. Exhausted I fell on my bed and slept of with all the sweat.
That night the Lord showed me the battle. I was in heavenly places, standing on a bright throne with
fire, clouds and angels flying all around. As I said thunder I saw thunder rolling at my command to do what I asked it to do. I said fire and I saw a big ball of fire rolling off towards the mountains. I said angels and I saw them fly away like fighter jets at my command. Down below, I could see mountains being blown up, demons scattering. It was amazing.
I woke up that morning realizing the damage our prayers can do to the kingdom of darkness. Cool I chuckled.
I realized that I was a warrior and my life will be better if I surrendered to the call. There was no use running anymore. I was called to be a trench fighter, a warrior in the kingdom of God. I was God‘s warrior princess. I have stayed on sustained fire ever since.

Excerpts from my book Sustained Fire.

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  1. Marycatherine wambui Ndungu says:

    I have been trying to find on how to fight principalities this is an eye opener. Could you still have more resource materials on the same?.

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